☆☆☆Hello London!


London was one of the cities which instantly sprang to mind when I familiarised with the brief, predominantly because I haved lived here all my life and another reason is that this particular city has many iconographies.


☆Initial Ideas & Brainstorm

A quick brainstorm of London’s connotations, icongraphies, places of visit was a starter to help generate ideas for my poster. Ideas included:

-Trafalga Square

-London Underground.

-Post box

-Red bus

-London Bridge & Tower Bridge.


-Queen Elizabeth.

-Telephone box


☆Collage of London

I then created a collage of London, a similiar process to what I done with the previous cities. These mages are recognised worldwide and is immediately recognisable.


☆1st draft of London Poster

-I wanted to incorporate one of the main iconographies associated with London, therefore I have come up with the London Bus.

-The word London follows the concept of The logo for The London Underground, I thought it would be a good idea to represent the text this way. I have also used part of the 100 words to form the shape of the bus.

-Underneath the text would be coloured brown and warped to to represent The River Thames.


☆1st draft of London Poster on Photoshop

I feel that this poster does have a ‘London’ feel but could be developed further. The text may be illegible so this aspect can also be improved.


☆2nd draft of London Poster

-This was another rough sketch I have done in my sketchbook of my second London poster.

-I have used the idea of the London underground logo for this piece as the logo is seen everywhere in London and is inevitable not to see it.

-What was difficult was trying to come up with an idea which was considered as’ original’. This was because the logo has been used many times and is a little too common. However I will further develop the idea to see if I can come up with a more interesting concept for this poster.

-Yet still adhering to the use of the ‘Jonston Sans’ typeface for this piece while developing the background.


☆2nd draft of London Poster on Photoshop

-I am not satisfied with the result, despite it being a good representation of London, I encountered many problems while producing this piece. I wanted to form the whole circle out of words but that was quite a task due to there not being enough words. Consequently, I went over the word limit.

-Another problem was that I could not create the perfect circle and had to rub out a few words when I merged the layer together. This made the text illegible.

-I will discard this idea and come up with a better idea.


☆Final draft of London Poster

-This is the final draft of my London poster. I went back to the theme of the London bus.

-The bus dominates the whole page as this is the basis of the poster. The 100 words would form the outline of the windows with the word ‘London’ substituting the place where there would usually be an advert, as though advertising the city.

-I quite like the appearance of the poster but it would be quite difficult to know where to start reading as the text outlining the windows seem to be in an awkward position.

-I also found out that it would not be necesary to form shapes out of text in our posters. Therefore I will not be using ‘London’ as my final city for this project.


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