☆☆☆Final Poster & Flyer

I have chosen ‘Tokyo’ as the city for my final piece because I think it has the most potential in terms of improvement. I also like the idea and composition of the piece. After reviewing it with Nickie, there were a few key areas to edit. The text ‘Tokyo’ was a little off the edge and the arrangement of the text had inconsistent gaps.

This, I had re-edited in Photoshop to correct those areas. I was told that the small text was illeligible, consequently I changed the font face of the 100 words to ‘Century Gothic’ but keeping ‘Tokyo’ to the Dokyo font face.

I have used rulers in Photoshop to ensure that the spaces were even and this helped me as a guide to place the text in the right areas. Although I liked the white elongated shape in my previous poster, I decided to remove it from my poster as it looked out of place when I rearranged Tokyo.

I also enlarged the text and shifted a few words around. I am satisfied with the result. Below you can find my final poster and flyer for this project.

☆Print screen of ruler alignments in Photoshop


☆Final Poster [Click to enlarge]


☆Final Flyer


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