★★★Hello Tokyo!


I have always been captured by the beauty of Tokyo, the city and streets seem to always be full of life with laughter and conversation as day becomes night. I am interested in the culture and style of fashion and of course, the language itself emits elegance. Therefore, I have chosen Tokyo as one of the cities for my posters.


★Initial Ideas & Brainstorm


I have done a rough brainstorm of the connotations and iconographies associated with Tokyo in my sketchbook. This will help me immensely once I start producing initial visuals, ideas include:


-Yen sign

-Anime. Manga

-Bright city lights

-sumo wrestling

-Sushi/ raw fish/ sashimi

-Japan flag

-Colours red & white

-Bowing as greetings and farewell


-vending machines

-Ways of addressing people eg. San, Chan, Kun…


★Collage of Tokyo

 Then I proceeded to make a collage of Tokyo using image referred to the brainstorm, seeing the images of the brainstorm would help generate further ideas of how the posters would look like or include certain aspects. The font face I will use for the posters is called ‘Dokyo’, a font used many times to represent the city eg. in magazines, packaging etc. The bold, heavy appearance exudes the image of Tokyo and I think it will represent well.


 ★1st Draft of Tokyo poster

-The concept of the first Tokyo poster is that the whole page will be dominated with words which describe and connote the city. Examples include places of visit, food, language, words which describe Tokyo, people and objects.

-Each individual word will be a different size and colour, placed horizontally or vertically on the page. All the different colours represent the vivid and beautoful city lights of the streets at night and also represents the landscape. I got this idea by observing images of the Tokyo streets and thought that this idea would be perfect for a poster advertising the beauty of the city.

-The idea is that after all words have filled the page, I will highlight randomly ‘T-O-K-Y-O’ on the page and colour these letters in bright red with shadow so that it is conspicuous and this ensures that the viewer’s eye is attracted to read the word Tokyo.

-The colours of the other words will be colourful, yet slightly washed out to ensure that Tokyo is dominant.


★1st draft of Tokyo poster done on Photoshop


-I really like this first draft of the Tokyo poster as I have made use of all the space in the poster with words and objects which all have relation to Tokyo. This advertises the city well especially concerning people who are not yet to familiar with it.

-The different placements of the words on the page may be thought of to look confusing, yet due to the different sizes and colours of font,each word is easily distinguishable.

-Most prominent is the letters ‘T-O-K-Y-O’ spelling out the city. All words on the page no matter their size, are deliberately less noticeable than the city’s name.

-I am satisfied with this poster as it took a long time deciding on the words, weight size, colour and where to place on the page


★2nd draft of Tokyo Poster

-For this poster, it will advertise the qualities of Tokyo in food style. I came up with this idea of the poster adhering to a menu style. The city ‘Tokyo’ placed vertically on the left side of the page in capitals and the ‘Yen’ sign substituting the ‘Y’ in ‘Tokyo’ to add emphasis on the currency.

-Tokyo in coloured in deep black while the other words are deep grey to add more attention on the city name.

-I used what I had learnt in the previous workshops to get viewers to look at certain words first by making texts larger in blocks with small text underneath. The concept of this poster is to advertise the food in Tokyo.


★2nd draft of Tokyo poster done on Photoshop


-I am pleased with the result as it possesses a Tokyo Japanese appearance, the colours connote the Japan flag and the text is neat placed in medium blocks. I hope to get the viewer eyes to travel across the page in the order I want, which is reading Tokyo first then the names of the food and lastly the descriptions.


★3rd Draft of Tokyo poster

-For the third draft of the Tokyo poster, I have decided to keep the ‘menu’ style for my A5 flyer and edit another version for my final Tokyo poster. I have changed the concept of ‘food’ to Japanese kanji words beginning with ‘T-O-K-Y-O’. Examples include ‘Tanashimu’ which means ‘enjoyable,’ ‘Oishi’, for the O etc.

-The outcome of this draft was not as I expected, improvements needed to be made due to the descriptions of the words having uneven spacing between them. This was because I planned to align the text with the top of each Japanese word but this consequently created this problem.

-The 100 words were already used up so if I wrote more in attempt to fill the gaps, the limit would be exceeded. I needed to find a solution for the problem.


★4th draft of Tokyo Poster

-I have made slight changes to the poster, by deleting a few words and adding a title for each section, the meanings of the words are in bold and are larger in so that the viewer can immediately see what it means without needing to read the whole block of text.


★I have chosen ‘Tokyo’ as the final city for this project. My Final edited poster can be found under ‘Final Poster’.


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