★★★Hello Egypt!


I have chosen Egypt as a place for my city posters because although I ahve not been there, it seems so mysterious and beautiful. The historical aspect has always held a fascination for me.


☆Initial Ideas & Brainstorm

Yet another quick brainstorm of Egypt. There were many ideas and images that came to mind when I thought of Egypt, some included:

-Egyptian Hieroglyphics


-Egyptian gods and goddesses






-Eye symbol

The font face I have decided to use is called ‘Greek’, in spite of the name I think the appearnce of the letters will be a good choice to represent Egypt. The jagged harsh outlines seem to be a metaphor for the Egyptian hieroglyphics.


★Collage of Egypt

These are the images I have collected which reminds me of Egypt.


 ★First draft of Egypt poster

-For the first draft of my Egypt poster I wanted to add in the colours which represent the best of Egypt. In this case the predominant colours include Gold, bronze type of colours, [symbolising the gods and godesses who are usually covered in jewels and gold.] Brown, yellow and blue  representing the weather, sand and sky.

-The word ‘Egypt’ would be placed on the left hand corner of the page vertically. the idea is that the letters represent Egyptian hierogyphics and the symbols of Egypt usually are positioned downwards.

-The 100 words would be placed at the bottom of the poster in brown to represent the sand/pyramids.

-As the weather is mostly sunny and bright, the background will be yellow.

-This idea seemed ok although there seemed to be too much blank space in the middle so I will consider ultilising this in my next development.


 ★Second draft of Egypt poster

-I have made a few slight changes to the poster.

-The blue strip is still placed at the top of the poster, connoting the sunny weather. The 100 words I have moved to the centre of the pgae to fill up the empty space.

-‘Egypt’ would be typed against a strip of yellow to represent the hierogyphics on sand.

-I intend to use a symbol at the end of ‘Egypt’ to incorporate more of an egyptian feel.


★Final draft of Egypt poster

-This is the final version of my Egypt poster. The 100 words form a kind of jagged paragraph, which is meant to be reminiscent of the pyramids in Egypt. I did not want to create a perfect pyramid as it would spoil the connotations.

-In this piece I have used a variety of sandy colours.

-Egypt dominanted the page and is the first thing the viewer should notice as it is deliberately placed on top.

-Overall, I think this poster is complete and portrays Egypt well but I have not chosen it for my final poster.


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