★★★ A taste of editorial design

★Stage 1. Research

Editorial design is a huge part of Graphics, or it simply is the core of graphics design. Work created to be printed which is specialised in laying out compositions applied in different applications such as magazines, newspapers, books etc. The key components which make up editorial design are of course text and images which make the knowledge of typography, layout, grids and composition important. Magazines are a prime example of a format where many elements of graphic design are fused together in one place. Examples include photography, mastheads, illustration, logos, images, text, information composition and so on.

These graphics must follow an esthetic line which is directly related to each publication concept and must be created taking into consideration the printing and the readers. The aim of professionals specialized in editorial design is to accomplish a unit among the text, the graphic and layout so as to convey the content message more efficiently, give the design an esthetic value, and improve the publication commercial possibilities

★The Face magazine

Editorial design demands constant  reinvention which is perhaps what makes it quite different from other areas of graphic design.

Jeremy Leslie of magculture.com explains: ‘Editorial design uses and fuses two key elements of graphic design. It uses templates and sets up rules to follow, which is the technical side, in terms of understanding structure and limiting your choices to make certain statements. But it’s also about taking the rules that you have set up and making something creative from them. Unlike most areas of graphic design, editorial design is an ongoing project. It’s not a one-off, like a piece of packaging or a poster, where you get it all set up and then hit the print button; it needs to develop. So you’re looking for graphic designers to come up with a strong functional basis and rules, but you’re also looking to bend those rules on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There has to be a balance between the familiar, so people recognise the magazine they bought last time, and surprise, to let them know it’s a new issue.’

Some great editorial designs [Click to enlarge]

★WIRED Magazine (ita)




★Jazz Journal


★Jazz 2008






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