★I’d like to live in a burger house…

Over a period of three weeks of Photoshop lessons we were to asked to create images based on a piece of text. The idea was to construct this entirely out of Typography; we had the freedom to manipulate the letter forms eg. rasterizing the pieces of text and make them into images.

Below is my final design. The extract from ‘Blubberland’ made me visualise food as architecture. Yes. You are seeing burgers and ice creams, my idea of happy-land where I can consume my own house!


★Sandie’s adventures in Wonderland…

For my artist book for the course Design & Communication, I wanted to base my idea around Lewis Carroll’s book ‘Alice in Wonderland’ but substituting ‘Alice’ with ‘Sandie’. My theme is to create a pop up book consisting of ‘crazy’ things or maybe a little subtle…‘Sandie’s whimsical world?’

I spent two nights analysing the Alice in Wonderland book to try and extract a scene and make a pop up page out of it. I had chosen to do the scene below, one of my favourite scenes..can you guess which part? This is a duplication of the structure in one of the pop up books, though I replaced Alice with myself…It was a nightmare trying to create the perfect structure of folds, cuts and slots…though it was difficult I was determined to complete it…

I am not sure whether I will follow the story of Alice’s adventures; simply because I would prefer the concept of revolving my book on my own bizarre world as opposed to illustrating out someone else’s idea. I guess only time will tell…

Any thoughts will be appreciated ^-^


☆ I love melons…

I had a bit of fun today…

My sister was filming for her project so I snatched her watermelon and put my eyemasks on them and stuck a mouth to create a ‘happy melon’. :3

I showed it to her but she was busy and told me to ‘get out!’

So this is how I feel now…

I guess she doesn’t like melons.


After the lecture on ‘Semiotics’ during a lesson in Art & Design in Context, I had come across a poster recently and thought it would be interesting to apply the same theory.

★Visual analysis

The image I have chosen is a poster which can be seen below. At first glance, yes, it seems like a very disturbing image. In spite of this, I have specially selected this image as it possesses a very interesting context associated with social and political concerns.

This particular image immediately captured my attention, I had originally borrowed this book from the library for research for a project but found some fascinating posters and works. The book is called ‘The Design of Dissent’ by Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic. This book examines graphic work that focuses on social and poilitical issues around the globe. The images within tests visual literacy and political awareness of many readers and challenge preconceptions and assumptions. Of course, I found some graphic work both controversial and disturbing but the images alone portrays indeed a powerful message without the need of much text.

The poster above is titled: ‘Seamline‘, produced by the artist Yossi Lemel in Israel, during the year 2001. From the first impression, I would have not thought it was an image concerned with political reasons if there were not the title, ‘Israeli Palestinian border 2001’ & the words placed in large size at the bottom, making sure it is very noticeable.

On the centre of the page is a close up shot of raw meat tied together with string, I think the most disturbing aspect is that there is a reason why the two pieces of meat are strung so tightly together and the way it seems forced. Most of all, is that we are so used to seeing eg. food being cooked to perfection with good presentation; in contrast right in front of us is a close up image of raw flesh is enough to make people feel uneasy. We cannot ignore the fact that this poster depicts something more serious than just displaying a plate of food.

From this, enigmas are created. What is the purpose of this image? Why are the two sides different shades of colour? Or maybe a more inevitable question I may ask is, ‘what kind of flesh is this’? Maybe that doesn’t matter though, what concerns me the most is does the context have something to do with segregation of a sort? With the string binding the two parts together reminds me of another poster ‘Israel Palestibe 2004’ depicting a peace process that was brutually cut off in the middle to achieve cooperation, the graphic image also references the graphic realities of lost limbs and body parts that are a result of this on going conflict.


Context creates meaning. This image of raw meat bound together by string could almost appear in a cookbook as an example of how to tie a roast. When placed into the context of the seamline; the border between the Israeli and Palestinian terrritories-the meaning darkens. The subtle colour variation between the two sides intentionally and cleverly reflects the skin tones of those involved.

And one more thing…

★Happy new year to everyone!★★★

☆Time passes by…

Finally our Timeline group project for ‘Art & Design in context’ draws to a conclusion! It has been a pleasant period of time as I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the members in my group.

Each individual in the group was assigned a topic, in this case I have chosen ‘Art & Design’ as my focal point because I was intrigued to find out more information regarding art movements and artists during the eras. It was interesting ‘travelling back in time’ and discovering how influential particular art movements/styles can be, and to marvel at the drastic changes that have occurred, often in lockstep with societal changes.

I can now officially retire from ‘The Time Travel Collective’…

I had fun creating my timeline for this project, you can find my finished timeline under the tab Art & Design in Context > Timeline > My finished timeline.

Alternatively, you can visit my group’s blog by clicking on the link below! Feel free to leave a comment n_n…!


-Time really does fly by…


I guess it’s an accomplishment since I published 8 pages today, including this one and I’m very tired but since this is one of my favourite sections I have decided to sacrifice my sleep to update it.

This post will be dedicated to Design & Communication. I have initially planned to update the ‘Design & Communication’ tab but somehow I will have to find time to convert the information from my 41 paged pdf digital sketchbook into my blog.. therefore I will do that later on…

During week one of our Photoshop workshops, each individual received a randomly distributed word or phrase. From this, our task was to produce three pieces of work involving the concept of the chosen word, also using it as the name of the piece. The first week we were to create our own magazine advertisement.

The word I had randomly picked for this project is the term ‘Zeitgeist’.  Zeitgeist derives from the German expression, which has the literal meanings of the ‘spirit of the age’. This term is constituted of two words; ‘Zeit’ essentially translates as ‘time’, and ‘Geist’ meaning ‘spirit’.

I really enjoyed working with this word and I have created many versions of the three pieces and discarded the ones which I did not like. The development stages will be added onto the Design & Communication tab later on :3.

What I found amusing was that when I compared my 1st draft of my novel cover to my final version, the previous woman looked too evil and seemed like she was glaring at me. She looks so much friendlier now after I lightened the shadows which is a relief!

Here are my three finalised  pieces:


☆Novel cover

☆Abstract painting


I think my favourite out of all the pieces is the abstract because it was fun making a little matchstick house and arranging the items for the image. It seems to portray my idea of ‘happy land’.

☻I’m a SHINee girl…


What I discovered recently, is that many people [the males] in my group like Manga or watching Anime. I am no different…Drawing/reading Manga has always been one of my many interests; the different expressions and emotions of the drawings never ceases to amaze me in the way charm is created.

I have always been drawing random Manga characters, I especially enjoy inventing hairstyles for the character and adding detail to the eyes and face to portray different expressions.

My Extended project in Sixth Form gave me the opportunity to put this into practice, I chose to create my own Manga comic book. It was not easy, due to all the paper work, research, design and development of characters, creating the book etc..but I guess it was worth all the sleep deprived nights as I was rewarded with a good grade.

I initially wanted to scan my Manga comic book into my blog but it is still on display in college :'(.

I have been too busy to draw anything in my spare time, but recently it was my little sister’s 13th birthday..

★She is currently obsessed with this Korean boyband called ‘SHINee’ under the popular label SM entertainment. Consequently I decided to make her a birthday card, with the boys in Manga style..simply using coloured pencils as I prefer drawing and colouring by hand as opposed to Photoshop.

There are five members, but I couldn’t fit the last one on the page because I drew the heads too big.

★Here it is..she was very happy…

[Click to view full size.]



 Hi hi hi!!! ☆☆☆

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been busy updating my blog in the various categories so have not had time to share in this section lately…

I realised that apart from sharing my university work, I have yet to showcase my artwork or drawings I have done recently or in the past… Therefore, this post will be dedicated to this.

When I find some spare time, I like to experiment drawing or creating images using different materials such as acrylic/watercolour paint, sketching and in particular using soft pastels as they give that ‘dreamy’ appearance and is blendable.

I enjoy selecting a celebrity or people I admire and drawing him/her using the items stated above as to compare the wide range of textures each gives. In this case, I have chosen the famous Ayumi Hamasaki ♥! 浜崎 あゆみ,  a Japanese singer-songwriter, record producer, model, lyricist, and actress. She is a very popular music artist in Japan and I enjoy drawing her because she has this distinct ‘doll’ appearance.

This piece I have done a while ago when I had spare time, using soft pastels and micron fineliner to add emphasis on her eyes.


☆Ayu – Soft pastels & micron fineliner




For this piece I sketched her with soft graphite pencils and blended using cotton wool to smoothen out harsh lines.

☆Ayu – soft graphite lead pencils


Drawn using only coloured pencils

☆Ayu – Coloured pencils

That’s just a few examples of my work, I will update if I have anything interesting/random to share! ^-^

★New beginnings…

Welcome to my blog! My name is Sandieeee, nice to meet you…

This blog will feature both my work and also convey my perception of how I view certain things. As this is my blog, there will be my frequent musings or random artwork/pictures to express my current day-to-day life to let you get to know me better.

Beginnings of my university life…

The first day of university has been a blur. Although some aspects and events would stay vivid in my mind forever. I have met many great people who I hope will stay in my life or even to the day of graduation.

I remember going through the stages of education-from primary school to secondary school, sixth form and now university…what can I say? It’s been a very long journey like a rollercoaster, with many ups and downs.

Finally…yes, finally, I have reached university. This is the thing I have been fighting for all along; both for myself and my parents. My parents are of course, typical in the way that they think the norm is to go through education and work the way to uni and make the most of opportunities.

So now, I have kept my promise…

★★★First day…

Going through my memories, I remember the very first person I talked to was a girl with red hair [who I sat next to in lecture]. My sister and I were running late for the first lecture in the David Fussey Lecture theatre because we didn’t know where it was. Eventually when we arrived, the majority of the seats were already taken. Angel found a seat but I wasn’t so lucky and banged my shin. Finally when I sat down, we were shown this presentation of the past work by students who had graduated and their creations.

They all had one thing in common which I noticed; they all looked happy, confident, self assured. Like they had accomplished something great in their lives. I, Sandie Ly will in their position in three years time. I aspire to have completed a journey consisting of beautiful colours and make use of my opportunities.

So when I throw my hat in the air, standing on the steps where I first met my friends who I ate cupcakes with, this post will be reminiscent of how I began my life as a university student.

One day, I hope to look back at this post when I am three years older and be able to view things in a different light…

So far, [third week now?] I have met a lot of great people..I have also been stressing about work..

So that’s all musings for today..I will update with more random musings soon and hope to get started on blogging about gallery visits etc..