★★★Intro to Project & ‘My Space’

★The aims of the project & thoughts

The aim of this project was predominantly for us as new students to understand the division between sensing and observing the visuals surrounding us. Using that data to interpret it in a form of data recording, collecting ideas and representing this in a figurative/metaphorical way.

This was one of the very first projects we had been assigned. Initially, I’d admit, like a few people in my class, I was a little unsure about the structure/idea of the project. This was because at first when we were told to go and ‘collect’ data in our space, I was too immersed into the beauty of the campus; therefore, I gathered data in a too literal sense. Eg. Sketching a building in detail. For a short while, I was also too focused on ensuring that my work was aesthically pleasing.

As I discussed ideas with my classmates and talked to my tutors, I finally began to see things in a complete different perspective. The mistakes I made and interventions that came into the project along the way has shaped my final piece in a positive way. I had grasped the idea quite quickly after that and began to embrace the ‘journey’ in my space!


★My Space: Greenwich market

My space was the Greenwich market. This was the location where I had spent weeks collecting data. A place so busy and  full of life with many people dominating the streets and markets. I am fortunate enough to be assigned this space as there is so much going on, providing an opportunity for me to collect data which can be endless due to the vast space.


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