☆☆☆Initial Ideas & tasks

☆Initial ideas…

The concept of my project has always consistent, revolving around the idea of ‘observing people’. For the first few weeks I visited my space a number of times, just admiring the surroundings and recording down what I saw. There was so much happening in my space such as the combination of different sounds, feelings and movements; in spite of this, I felt drawn to the mannerisms of the people in that area. It was inevitable for me not to notice what they were doing, talking about, their facial expressions, what they wore etc. Consequently, I realised I had generated my concept, where ‘observing’ people would be my predominant focus, although of course I would gradually allow some interventions.



To help initiate ideas for this project, we were told to go out in our space and ‘collect data’ and represent them in a less figurative way. The very first thing I did was to collect a series of data while observing people.

1. People’s facial expressions eg. smiling, frowning etc.

2. Eye colour

3. Gender

4. Hairstyle & colour.

I recorded this data in individual charts I had drawn out prior to going out; this method of gathering data would be easy and precise. The idea was to focus on each chart and build up the tally marks for a certain amount of time/number, an example may be noting down people’s hair colour as they pass by my space.

I would repeat this method of collecting data for all charts, so by the end of the session I would review the results and see which section in all categories possesses the highest frequency.

An example may be the highest frequency in the ‘eye colour’ chart is blue and so forth. I would update all sections and so when the results have been finalised, I will use the data to draw out a person. I wanted to incorporate my interest of Manga drawing into my data collecting, therefore I had the idea of using the data to create a Manga character who would represent the Greenwich market as a whole.


☆Stage one: The eye colour

Categories & results:

  • Brown  x17
  • Blue  x7
  • Green  x5
  • Gray  x2
  • Unclassified (unclear)  x7

☆Result update

Although it proved quite difficult to observe eye colour as I had to get quite close to see properly.

Highest frequency at the end of eye colour observation was: ‘A person with brown eyes…’ [17/38]


☆Stage Two: Gender, a boy or girl?


  • Male  x16
  • Female  x22

☆Result update:

Total of females 22 and 16 males out of 38 people observed

‘A girl with brown eyes…’


☆Stage Three: Hairstyle

Categories & results:

  • Long & straight  x15
  • Long & wavy  x9
  • Short/mid-length  x7
  • Pigtails  x1
  • Tied up (ponytail)  x7
  • Plaits  0

☆Result update:

‘A girl with brown eyes and long straight hair…’ 



☆Stage Four: Hair colour

Categories & results:

  • Blonde  x12
  • Brown  x16
  • Black  x6
  • Red  x1
  • Other  x3

☆Result update:

‘A girl with brown eyes and long brown straight hair…’ 



☆Stage Five: Expression

Categories & results:

  • Happy/smiling  x14
  • Normal  x8
  • Laughing/joyful  x11
  • Angry/annoyed  x2
  • Tired  x3
  • Other  0

☆Final result :

‘A girl with brown eyes and long brown straight hair who is happy/smiling…’ 



This character represents the Greenwich market!


☆Brief reflection

I found this method of data collecting enjoyable as if I were to continue this each week, there would be a person with a different appearance each time which would be very interesting. After discussing this with my tutors, they advised me to steer away from being stuck in Manga drawing as I could represent data in other ways. Therefore I will continue my idea but display the results in a different way.


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