★★★Other tasks

Different methods of data collecting in my space

Below are some differents ways I have gathered data and tasks which were set over the weeks (done in my sketchbook).


★Spirals and body language

I used spirals made out of string to represent people’s reaction to the weather. I noticed especially on a very hot day, people’s body language/reaction was the total opposite of when the weather was cold. I came up with the idea of representing people as spirals; the tighter the spiral, the colder the weather was and vice versa. I then painted the spirals in ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ colours. I find this method of symbolising people’s body langauge very interesting.


★A poem of my space

I have written a poem to define the my space, how I felt at that time, sounds, movements etc. 


‘Destination Nowhere’

I close my eyes.

What do I hear?

A symphony of voices with words in a blur,

brought forth in tones as though a song to be sung.

The sound of footsteps of people rushing by,

a life is changed in just an instant’s time.

All darkness fled before that brilliant sun.

I hear the softest whispers like speaks of treasures;

only just begun.

The mixture of sounds reminiscent of times passing by.

Laughter taken from words of the softest rhyme.

What do I see?

Above, though a sea of blue, clear as light,

birds sweeping across the daylight.

I see a blur of colour as people flash by, a visual melody just combined.

Where are they going? Questions come alive,

but who knows their destination? Why do I care?

Destination nowhere…


★Tasks – To choose four of the eight tasks from the list.

To create images which create a narrative/story

For this task I have sketched a person walking through the night streets. The picture is deliberately black and white with soft shadows to create an enigmatic narrative. This would make people curious and come to their own conclusions of what is happening in the picture.


★Observation of pigeons and how they react to food


★Symbolise the proportions of light and dark


★Focus on a single instance/object/observation & represent it over & over again in layers.



In this session we were to listen to a few pieces of music and draw out how we visualised it, focusing on eg. the volume, softness, rhythm, melody, pitch etc.

This piece was called ‘Back in black’ by ACDC. I liked this the most out of the music played as it was lively and had a smooth beat. The bigger the circles, the louder and vibrant the sound is as the music progresses. I deliberately smudged the patterns to add emphasis on how synchronised the melody is.


★Soundscape 3

I used acrylic paints to represent the sounds I heard. The mood rapidly changed from optimistic to solemn and melancholy as though giving the impression of being an unwelcome visitor. The black smudges grow bigger as the music climaxes and progression is shown. The red may represent blood and murder which seemed to illustrate the main atmosphere of war and hatred.


★Soundscape 4

This song sounded very mellow and soft, with a few lines being sung, it felt like multiple coloured lines flowing in a continuous line. The rhythm was calm and soothing which I liked.


★Soundscape 5

The last piece of music sounded somewhat oriental to me because of the rhythm It reminded me of a plant blossoming and expanding with branches, reaching into all directions and then growing into a flower.


★Soundscape task 2

For this task we had to get into pairs and take it in turns to draw our partner’s movements to the music.



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