★★★Ideas Development & research

★Ideas Development

As further development into my idea, I have decided to include colour theory into my pieces. I am interested in finding out the deeper meanings behind why each individual colour exists as they all connote different things and are not simply meaningless shades.

I will then use this research of colour theory and incorporate it in my piece and my data collecting.



★Other ideas

I have experimented with other ideas such as using the colour theories to symbolise the ‘mood’ in my area. I had initially drawn a pie chart and cut it up into a spiral which unfortunately distorted the sections of colours. Therefore I have decided not to focus on sensing the mood as it would not be so accurate due to not being able to ‘see’ this properly.


★Final Ideas

It was until I began noticing how the change in weather affected people’s way of displaying body language, whether intentionally or subconsciously. This brings me back to the idea of representing people’s body language using spirals in weather conditions. Below are a few examples:

An example may be that I acknowledged that people would ‘huddle up’, hunched in their coats, hands in pockets, head slightly bent to keep warm as they walked in cold weather. I then began to observe more closely and draw out the reactions of what I saw, separating them into two categories, blue people as ‘cold’ and yellow, orange, red depicting people in warmer weather.

The next stage, I drew out a number of spirals in my sketchbook, following the previous idea that a more densely packed, tighter spiral would represent a person in colder weather and a looser, more spread out spiral would symbolise a person in warmer weather. I used the research of colour theories such as blue for cold and brighter colours for warmth. This was my finalised idea and focus of my project. After that, I could begin my data collection, which would take place over the number of weeks.


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