☆☆☆Zeitgeist Advert 1

☆Week One: Advertisement

During week one of our Photoshop workshops, each individual received a randomly distributed word or phrase. From this, our task was to produce three pieces of work involving the concept of the chosen word, also using it as the name of the piece. The first week we were to create our own magazine advertisement.

A blank document and cut out images was the basis for this image. We were told to use photographs, text, scans to form our first piece, essentially adhering to the principles of any magazine advertisement. Examples included a product/event, following that was a theme in order to help advertise the item across to the target audience.

I wanted my product to be clear and precise, with the item being the dominant figure on the page, therefore the message would be immediately transmitted to the audience at first glance.

My initial response to my word ‘Zeitgeist’ was to think of advertising something ‘contemporary’ due to the connotations of the word. Something modern, consequently I came up with the idea of an online dating website where males and females would meet up for a dinner date.

Online dating has slowly gained popularity over the past years as it was not something widely discussed before. Therefore I think that this theme would be quite a good representative of the word Zeitgeist, but I will later on develop this idea into a better concept.


☆Initial ideas

In my sketchbook I drew out some ideas I had which referred to the word ‘Love’ and collected a collage of images from the internet to help generate ideas. I finally settled on the theme of an online dating site where people meet up for a lunch date. Consequently the image of a filled with food came into mind.

 I wanted to form the letters in the image as part of the food on the plate so it would look quirky and utilise the word well. I sketched out a rough image in my sketchbook of the composition of the words.

 The next step was to search for images on the internet and manipulate them to form the exact shapes of the letters I wanted. I named my dating website ‘Love Munch’. I ensured that the images were high resolution and fitted on the plate, as though offering the audience love and food at the same time.


☆First Draft of Advert


☆First Draft of Advert [Click to enlarge]


☆Thoughts after review

After feedback from Liane and my classmates I saw my advert in a different light.  There were a mixture of positive and less positive comments  which really helped. Such  included : ‘it looks really eye catching and colourful, I like the way the words are formed out of food, it’s creative, It seems like breakfast or advertising food instead of an online dating website, the image doesn’t give a clear message.’

From this, I realised that because I didn’t use the word ‘Zeitgeist’ to dominate the page, the message for this advertisement was confusing, and using food to form the words distorted the concept of ‘dating’. It seemed like a breakfast club for children more than advertising online dating which I found amusing.

I also did not really like the whole concept referring to my word ‘Zeitgeist’ which connotes time, change etc. Therefore an idea sprang into my mind, time! Why had I not thought of that before? I finally had my new product which was perfect for my first piece. An advert for watches. Watches seem to fit the concept flawlessly.

Immediately I started to generate ideas by collecting  a series of images off the internet of adverts present in magazines and of course watch adverts to initiate inspirations.


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