☆☆☆Zeitgeist Abstract Artwork

The theme of week three was to do an abstract artwork using any objects and materials which would create the image. All techniques were allowed for this task including collage, painting, filters effects etc. The idea was to create a piece of artwork which engages with the history of abstraction. We were to use our imagination and produce a piece of artwork using textures and layers.

My word Zeitgeist reminds me the words memories, reminiscent and past As these words all refer to ‘time’, I wanted my artwork to be based on the concept of ‘happy times’ in the past which I have experienced. Consequently my abstract artwork will depict this, full of beautiful colours, sunshine and lovely things.

I will then edit this image on Photoshop and add many layers, textures and effects to showcase my skills.


☆Initial ideas

This was my initial piece for this task, I sat there for hours making all the paper cranes and thinking of the composition. I uploaded this image on Photoshop and tried to edit it, but with the blank background and despite it being quite a beautiful image, I couldn’t seem to get the ‘feeling’ of the abstraction right.  I felt quite frustrated yet determined at the same time. There seemed to be something missing, I couldn’t quite imagine what and why so I decided to discard all the objects and start afresh.


☆Original image

I made a little house out of match sticks and painted all the sides different pastel colours. I then placed it against my blue blanket and yellow towel. I liked the textures it gave, the ‘sky’ was smooth and the ‘sand’ had texture. Using other materials such as tissue paper, candles and origami stars I created a nice landscape to portray ‘happy times’ for my word Zeitgeist.

I was happy with the arrangement and decided to make it abstract on Photoshop.


 ☆Finalised abstract artwork [Click to enlarge]

This is my final piece for this task. I have used many techniques on Photoshop, some include the effects from stylizing, distorting, artistic and many more which I cannot remember. I enhanced the colours and made the left cloud look glittery, the stars I made into coloured pebbles and distorted on the other side to make it seem like shooting stars. I ensured that the whole image looked abstract by editing each object carefully. This is my piece of abstract called ‘Zeitgeist’.


☆Brief reflection

This project has been great fun, I really enjoyed all three weeks of workshops. I hope that I have showcased my creative skills for this project and hope to do something interesting like this again.

If I had to choose my favourite out of all three pieces, I would choose the abstract painting/artwork as it is pretty and colourful and gives happy connotations.


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