☆☆☆Final Advert

☆My own image

Despite the internet being a good source of gathering images of any sort, I found it difficult to find what I needed for this second piece. I wanted to find a close up  image of a woman with her wrist placed at a certain angle so that I could further on, edit an image of a watch on her wrist.

This proved quite a task because the images were either too small and blurry or just did not fit with my imagination of how I envisioned my advert. The concept of my advert is displaying a quite sultry image of a woman exposing her neck and a little of her chest but with her wrist poised across the image. The upper part of her face would be cut off, excluding her lips which would be pouting.

Researching on magazine adverts for watched, they usually use a person, male or female depending on their target audience to endorse and wear the watch. I wanted my advert to advertise watches for women  around the age group 20+, therefore as my concept is sultry, it needs to be subtle due to aiming at women and not men.

Not exposing the full face would ensure that my advert exudes a sense of mystery, making people wonder who she is, also as I want the product, in this case, the watch, to be in central focus on the page and not the woman.

I have taken a picture of myself which I will use for this advert. The next stages will show how I developed my advert.

☆Original image

Original image I had taken of myself. The room was quite dark so I will edit this later on. The wrist arranged across the chest and cupping the face will ensure that when I place the watch on, it will be the dominate figure in this advert.


☆Second development

I found a high resolution image of a beautiful watch on the internet which was perfect. I duplicated the image of the background and cut away my wrist and pasted it in a new layer. I then manipulated the watch to fit the wrist and added shadow to ensure it looked realistic.


☆Third development

Desaturated the image to get rid of yellow tones, adjusted the levels, vibrance and curves to achieve a milky dreamy affect.


☆Fourth development

Lips look too dull so I added a new fill layer in soft light in a soft coral colour to match with the red crystals on the watch and add emphasis on the pout.


☆Fifth development

I added a Gaussian blue at 10 at my duplicated layer to blur the image at the back slightly in order to add attention to the wrist. I created a mask and cleared the blur on the wrist and watch so now it looks clear and dominates the page, ensuring the viewer gets drawn to it first.


☆Sixth development

I then played around with text for ‘Zeitgeist’, this font face is ‘Argor Man’ which fitted in with the time concept but seemed a little out of place. I also added ‘Collection 2011’ to make sure it is clear that this is a watch advert.


☆Seventh development

I chose the font face ‘Bookman old style’ for Zeitgeist as it looked elegant yet portrayed that ‘timeless’ look and  ‘Centaur’ for ‘Collection 2011’. To finish off the advert, I added the website at the bottom of the page so that it gave out a clear message.


☆Eighth development


How it looks like in black and white. I tried this out but wasn’t satisfied with the image. It looked too washed out and added too much emphasis on the gaussian blur.


☆Finalised Zeitgeist advert [Click to enlarge]


☆Brief reflection

I am satisfied with the final outcome of my advert. It adheres to the principles of an advert and in my perspective, the product  along with the message of what is being promoted is concise and clear. It does not cause confusion like my previous  Zeitgeist advert, as the viewer can recognise what is being promoted.

The target audience is portrayed so that the audience can instantly see who this product is aimed at. The Gaussian blur on the underneath layer of the neck, chest and lips ensure that the wrist and watch is in focus and catches the viewer’s eyes immediately so that it is noticed first.

I have also edited out the original name on the watch and added ‘Zeitgeist’ to complete the image. Overall, I am pleased with the result as it was fun producing my own advert for the word I has picked out.


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