★★★Zeitgeist Novel cover

☆Week Two: Novel

During the second week of our Photoshop lessons, we were to produce our own novel covers using our word/phrase as the title. The idea was to hand draw/paint a picture which would then be scanned, uploaded and edited on Photoshop.

To begin, I thought of the genre of my novel, what it would be about and who the readership might be. This helped me narrow down ideas and made it easier to envision what I would draw for the front cover.

I wanted to base my novel on the concept of ‘time’, which then produced ideas of the past, present and future. The genre I had chosen was fantasy, due to this being one of my favourite category of books of all time, therefore the readership for my novel would be females ages 18+.

My immediate question was females + time? The majority of women are afraid to get wrinkles, get old as they think they are no longer at their most beautiful. Consequently they do whatever they can in an attempt to stay young, whether associated with trying to stay in shape by dieting or investing in anti-wrinkle products, maybe even considering plastic surgery.

This thought generated the idea of my novel revolving around an ageing woman who is obsessed with her appearance and would do anything to stay young and porcelain. She embarks the journey of seeking an ancient gypsy who she hears will help her. What she doesn’t know if that before her wish is granted, she must exchange something valuable; her soul. Something once sacrificed, there will be no turning back…

Therefore, the front cover of my novel will have a woman’s face. One side will be how she looks when she is young and the other will be the image of her ageing through time. The two will be juxtaposed to be more effective.




☆My drawing

This is a picture of the original sketch I had done in my sketchbook. I followed the original plan and drawn the two sides of face juxtaposed together to show contrast. I have shaded in some parts and will later colour on Photoshop.


☆First draft of novel cover

This was the first draft of my novel cover which I had coloured in Photoshop. I was not satisfied with the result at all  because although I liked the vibrancy and vivid colour of the eyes, the colouring of the face seemed dull. Also, after comments from the class, I realised that the text positioning was out of place and the face was not centralised. The ‘old’ side of the face also appeared too evil for my liking therefore I decided to improve this. The cigarette also seemed out of place so I decided to remove it.


☆Finalised version of novel cover

This is the final draft of my novel cover. I have eventually decided to colour this image in by hand using colouring pencils and different sized point of micron fine liner. I then edited it on Photoshop to enhance the levels, vibrancy and colouring of the picture and added extra detail when necessary.


☆Brief reflection

I have taken all comments from Liane and my classmates into consideration. I ensured that the image is centralised on the cover unlike the previous piece where one side of the face is cut off.

The title of my Novel is ‘The Zeitgeist’, as my word originally derives from Germany, the title is in German ‘Den Zeitgeist’ to add emphasis on this aspect. Colouring by hand ensures that it is even and easier to control.

Instead of adding my name as the author, I have placed the name ‘Lisa J. Smith’ as she also specialises in writing fantasy novels for young women, therefore I considered it as appropriate.

The colour of the title is deliberately coloured in a wine red to match the book publisher label which I had placed on the side. The author’s name is in white to add emphasis against the dark cover. I enjoyed this task as it involved drawing by hand and is what I like doing.


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