★★★My word: ‘Zeitgeist’

The word I had randomly picked for this project is the term ‘Zeitgeist’.  Zeitgeist derives from the German expression, which has the literal meanings of the ‘spirit of the age’. This term is constituted of two words; ‘Zeit’ essentially translates as ‘time’, and ‘Geist’ meaning ‘spirit’.

 Time being the predominant definition as Zeitgeist is also interpreted as ‘the time of the mind,’ mind is understood as the mental spirit [state of the mind’]. Zeitgeist can be observed for past events.

Initially, when I picked this word, I was quite bemused at the concept due to it possessing in a sense, quite confusing meanings. In spite of this, I found this word quite beautiful and with further research I acknowledged that it was indeed a powerful word.

 Zeitgeist is usually associated with meanings of intellectual, cultural, spiritual, ethical climate within specific groups or nations, moods associated with an era. This essentially goes back to the original definition of ‘time’. I also discovered that Zeitgeist is also a movement or a Sustainability Advocacy Organization.

 Therefore I find this term somewhat complicated but as I enjoy a challenge, I hope to simplify this term and a concept adhering to the main principles in a creative way through this project.

You can see the three finalised pieces of work: Advert, Novel cover & Abstract here:



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