★★★Inspirations & Advert collages

★Inspirations & advert collages

I have looked at several adverts for inspirations and consequently created a collage of the images. This will help generate ideas for my piece, and I can also observe the different layers of images merged on the one page, colours, objects , background and positioning of items.

As acknowledged, adverts usually do not have a lot of text, the image is the central focus of any piece. As one may say ‘a picture explains a thousand words.’ This is true in a sense, because the decoder wants us as consumers to grasp the idea of their advert. There is always a concept involved in order to market the item; it must be both clear and precise for the message to be transmitted.  In my perspective, an advert is very powerful as the one/several images are meant to portray the concept.

I view an advert like a sign, it possesses a signifier, the acoustic image, the thing being represented and following that is the signified, which is the idea being generated. From this idea, I will bear in mind to keep my advert simple yet incorporate the meaning of Zeitgeist behind it.



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