★Memory Catcher

Memory Catcher, record your memories…

(Late post on my app video, but here it is! Better late than never!)
Memories; what do you remember? From the fond memories you have of your childhood to the memory of the special days you spent with your loved ones, it is our memory that makes us who we are. Memories give us a sense of self and forms the fabric of our daily life experiences. Sadly, the total capacity of short term memory is fairly limited, psychologist George Miller believes that you can hold approximately seven items in the short term memory for about 20-30 seconds. That’s a huge amount of data we forget everyday.Elizabeth Loftus, one of the world’s most reknowned experts on human memory argues that one of the most common explanations to why we forget is a simple failure to retrieve the information from memory.This often occurs when memories are rarely accessed, causing them to decay over time. Now imagine if we had a way of creating something which wold help us to remember and preserve these moments in time?

 Introducing the Memory Catcher, an innovative application which helps you to record and preserve your memories.

The Memory Catcher is no ordinary recording device. It uses clever 3 in 1 sensitive built in sensors when the ‘record’ button is pressed. A motion sensor which tracks the patterns of your movement, a speech recording sensor which automatically records any speech detected while simultaneously determining your mood through the movement and speech.The speech sensor will record whenever it detects speech, when the ‘stop’ button is pressed, a menu with the options ‘save’ a ‘transcribe to Memory Journal’ will appear. Once the information is transcribed into your memory log, you can decide which parts you want to keep or delete so in your memory journal, there are only relevant parts.
With the Memory Catcher, you will no longer forget things, every memory will be preserved in time. Now you can look back in the past whilst stepping into the future.


☆ Graduation…

Our official graduation dates draws closer each day, 6th July. This day where the final day of education ends for me, I hope that I will be able to pass and get good grades. These three years have been insane, each day full of hard work. There are some memories I’d remember forever..and others which I hope to forget…


It will all be worth it if I graduate. Class of 2014 here I come…



★Colours of the sky…

It’s surreal just how beautiful nature can be, the view of the landscape from my balcony was breath taking. It was just the right moment when my cousins came to visit. We stood there gazing at the colours of the sky which was streaked with pink, purple and orange. It was breathtakingly beautiful and this picture explains it all…


☆Third Year.

I was meant to blog this a while ago now..but never had the chance too due to all the projects I’ve been working on. Thinking back to second year, it was hectic, sleepless nights, stress…everything seemed so new and different from first year where we could just make mistakes and experiment. I remember coming to the realisation that I had not clicked on the button ‘send for marking’ on an online submision and panicking, consequently bombarding my poor tutor with frantic emails…

Fast forward to the last year or uni seemed surprisingly fast, not without pain of course. No pain no gain. I thought back to the first proper professional group project we had, Brand Plus..where we had to come up with a brand extension for an existing brand. It was an amazing experience, I could genuinely say I enjoyed it. Recalling the nerve wrecking moment of the presentation and the previous third years assessing us.

Our tutor Mim, from last year picked a few of us to mentor the second years, providing them information about their roles (in this case, I was the Visualiser/illustrator) and it was a great experience being able to help them. What it reminded me of was time passing by so rapidly. It’s so strange to know that in approximately 8 months time, I will graduate.

I started this blog in year one, aspiring to be a good student and graduating. It feel so close yet so far away.

Fast forward button please?

I am currently writing my dissertation, now one day I will look back at this post and laugh; hopefully.


★New Website/Portfolio…

I am happy to announce that I have finally updated my portfolio and moved everything over to my new website. Looks pretty simple I suppose, regarding the layout etc… I think I have an obsession with circles (and triangles!) I’ll edit it more later and make it look better and add more improved projects soon, really excited about creating some self initiated projects! So head over to http://www.sandiely.com

to see my new portfolio; probably use less of this blog now sadly…


Setting balloons into the sky…☆

Funny how I’ve always dreamt of doing something like this. Running in a grassy field holding a colourful bunch of balloons with my hair blowing back and a big smile plastered on my face.

It was the perfect opportunity to use such a crazy idea for my Brand book project. Blowing up 60+ balloons with helium together with my best friend Joe at his flat was the best way to spend a Sunday evening. He even carried the heavy helium tank all the way there. What more could I possibly want?

The balloons were the colour of my brand Babo. Where the reddish pink balloons represented ‘playful’, orange was ‘optimistic’ and yellow was ‘clumsy’.
The idea was to attach a note to each of the balloons requesting the people who eventually caught the balloon to write about a time, a memory when they were playful, optimistic or clumsy.

Initially I planned to ask people to take a picture with the balloon after they has drawn a face onto it. After contemplating this I realised it would have more meaning if I asked for them to do the second idea as drawing faces on a balloon would essentially be meaningless.
It took a while to blow up 60+ balloons and attach ribbons and notes to it, but eventually we brought it outside.
It was so windy and disaster struck when the ribbons got so tangled up we couldn’t separate them. Eventually, I reluctantly let go of the balloons and watched them fly into the distance in a bunch.

I was sad at first that it didn’t work out as I had originally planned until I realised that they were all together.

‘Well at least the balloons are together;  they have company, they won’t get lonely’.

I then realised another thing..

I was being optimistic. :3




photo (5)

photo (4)

See my Babo brand book published on Issuu:


☆ CD Promotion

Project 2 for ‘Design for Interaction’ required us to produce an interactive promotion of a CD release. The project consisted of promoting the release of an existing CD using interactive tools and would have to be fully integrated in the design, in terms of brand identity/concept.

For this project I created a webpage using HTML coding in Dream Weaver and designed some layouts in Photoshop. It was great fun and was one of my favourite projects so far as I had the opportunity to express my creativity in web design and learnt a lot about coding along the way.

I chose to promote Korean artist G-Dragon’s first solo album ‘Heart-breaker’.


Visit my website here  (click on the play button to enter):


Documentation of the website process on my weebly online sketchbook can be seen here:


★Stop Motion Animation for Design for Interaction…

The focus point in this project was to gain a better understanding of what the term ‘Interaction’ means to ourselves and the methods in which we convey the message to the audience. This is because it is important that the viewer will perceive the message the way we had intended to.

This brief consists of a small 3 week project with the outcome of a presentation about interactivity along with an example made by ourselves in any format, it could be a movie, a performance, an animation, a website or anything else which can be uploaded online. This project will consist of mapping out actions and reactions and then reshaping them to have something abnormal. we will need to capture our interactions from the time we wake up until we get to university.

So for this project I will be working in a group which consist of me (Sandie), John and Edisson. Together we have decided to call ourselves J.E.S, and we will be mapping out Johns journey from waking up until catching the bus.

It was great fun putting this stop motion animation together, below you can check out the one minute animation. If you are interested in  further details visit:  http://sandiely.weebly.com/

Behind the scenes photos:

IMG_4557 IMG_4606 IMG_4573 IMG_4563 IMG_4560 IMG_4545 IMG_4512 IMG_4510

★The Whitecross street party: ‘Rise of the Non-Conformists’

★Reliving it…

 I had initially heard about The Whitecross street party from a friend of mine, unfortunately I couldn’t attend last year’s event which was a real shame as my friends told me it was amazing. This year however, I did not want to miss this opportunity of seeing everything with my own eyes and wanted to make the most of it!

What is The Whitecross street party?

An event which is a cross between a party/festival and an exhibition showcasing artwork from a range of different artists, creative oddities including free public art demo’s, comedy, theatre, a whole park for children and many more! With a duration of 2 days, the Whitecross street party returned for its third annual instalment on Saturday to transform the north London street scene into a living, breathing canvas. Work from over 50 artists had been commissioned to line the street over the weekend. Plus the best aspect of this event is that it is free entry! It is a rare opportunity to attend as it takes place once a year.

The weekend extravaganza marked the launch of Rise of the Nonconformists, the name given to the summer-long exhibition of street art by event co-founder and curator Teddy Baden.

I was hoping that the area would be transformed into a beautifully artistic place; it did indeed live up to my expectations. I turned the corner towards the main street; before I could see anything, I could hear the blur of laughter from both children and adults accompanied by loud, upbeat music which instantly generated a welcoming atmosphere. I had been looking foward to entering the scene and as promised, it did not disappoint.

My excitement increased when I rounded the corner and saw an enormous robot striding towards me. It was hot pink and as I had done research prior to my arrival, I knew it was the pink bot made out of approximately 33 wheelie bins! Despite anticipating this, I still stood there in awe, gazing up at this giant mechanical creature. Surely these things only existed inside comic books and sci-fi movies?

I guess this was the closest we could get in reality to robots invading the world. Though what is there not to like when a  monster made out of bins starts to move towards you? It was almost comical actually, the way it’s voice boomed though the double speakers in perfect audacity: ‘SOMEBODY STOP ME!’ & ‘I WILL DESTROY YOU’. It made me laugh so much and I imagined Spiderman swinging from his web to save us.

I had such a lovely time and for those who couldn’t attend, don’t worry. Here I have uploaded a video and many pictures I had taken from the event. It was unforgetable and such a good experience. The artwork was creative and emphasised on the colourful atmosphere. Thank you for reading, do check out the video so you can see the robot in action! :3

Video of Pink wheelie-bin robot; enlarge and watch in HD!





★My completed artist book

I have finished my artist book and finally submitted it a few days ago. Previously I had intended to create a ‘pop up’ book for this project but I wanted to do something more personal, therefore I had changed my idea.

I love making things out of paper whether associated with paper architecture or origami. This project was inspired by the story of Sadako and the thousand paper cranes, this is a (true) beautiful, yet sad story of a girl who had cancer. She believed that if she folded 1000 paper cranes then her wish would be granted for a cure in cancer.

Here I have made over 200+ stars. I wanted to move away from producing what people consider as a traditional type of book and wanted to create something more creative. I wrote a story on numerous coloured paper and cut them into strips, on the inside I wrote wishes for myself, my family and friends and made them into stars.

These origami stars are the ‘pages’ of my artist book. Artist books I have learnt do not necessarily have to be in the form of a book, that was the highlight of this project; we could be as creative as we desired. My fingers has hurt a lot after making these star, nonetheless it was a good experience.

I layered the stars in the colours inside a beautiful blue glass bottle I had found. I will just have to wait to see if my wishes will come true.

Only time will tell, thank you for reading.