★Memory Catcher

Memory Catcher, record your memories…

(Late post on my app video, but here it is! Better late than never!)
Memories; what do you remember? From the fond memories you have of your childhood to the memory of the special days you spent with your loved ones, it is our memory that makes us who we are. Memories give us a sense of self and forms the fabric of our daily life experiences. Sadly, the total capacity of short term memory is fairly limited, psychologist George Miller believes that you can hold approximately seven items in the short term memory for about 20-30 seconds. That’s a huge amount of data we forget everyday.Elizabeth Loftus, one of the world’s most reknowned experts on human memory argues that one of the most common explanations to why we forget is a simple failure to retrieve the information from memory.This often occurs when memories are rarely accessed, causing them to decay over time. Now imagine if we had a way of creating something which wold help us to remember and preserve these moments in time?

 Introducing the Memory Catcher, an innovative application which helps you to record and preserve your memories.

The Memory Catcher is no ordinary recording device. It uses clever 3 in 1 sensitive built in sensors when the ‘record’ button is pressed. A motion sensor which tracks the patterns of your movement, a speech recording sensor which automatically records any speech detected while simultaneously determining your mood through the movement and speech.The speech sensor will record whenever it detects speech, when the ‘stop’ button is pressed, a menu with the options ‘save’ a ‘transcribe to Memory Journal’ will appear. Once the information is transcribed into your memory log, you can decide which parts you want to keep or delete so in your memory journal, there are only relevant parts.
With the Memory Catcher, you will no longer forget things, every memory will be preserved in time. Now you can look back in the past whilst stepping into the future.


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