☆Third Year.

I was meant to blog this a while ago now..but never had the chance too due to all the projects I’ve been working on. Thinking back to second year, it was hectic, sleepless nights, stress…everything seemed so new and different from first year where we could just make mistakes and experiment. I remember coming to the realisation that I had not clicked on the button ‘send for marking’ on an online submision and panicking, consequently bombarding my poor tutor with frantic emails…

Fast forward to the last year or uni seemed surprisingly fast, not without pain of course. No pain no gain. I thought back to the first proper professional group project we had, Brand Plus..where we had to come up with a brand extension for an existing brand. It was an amazing experience, I could genuinely say I enjoyed it. Recalling the nerve wrecking moment of the presentation and the previous third years assessing us.

Our tutor Mim, from last year picked a few of us to mentor the second years, providing them information about their roles (in this case, I was the Visualiser/illustrator) and it was a great experience being able to help them. What it reminded me of was time passing by so rapidly. It’s so strange to know that in approximately 8 months time, I will graduate.

I started this blog in year one, aspiring to be a good student and graduating. It feel so close yet so far away.

Fast forward button please?

I am currently writing my dissertation, now one day I will look back at this post and laugh; hopefully.



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