Setting balloons into the sky…☆

Funny how I’ve always dreamt of doing something like this. Running in a grassy field holding a colourful bunch of balloons with my hair blowing back and a big smile plastered on my face.

It was the perfect opportunity to use such a crazy idea for my Brand book project. Blowing up 60+ balloons with helium together with my best friend Joe at his flat was the best way to spend a Sunday evening. He even carried the heavy helium tank all the way there. What more could I possibly want?

The balloons were the colour of my brand Babo. Where the reddish pink balloons represented ‘playful’, orange was ‘optimistic’ and yellow was ‘clumsy’.
The idea was to attach a note to each of the balloons requesting the people who eventually caught the balloon to write about a time, a memory when they were playful, optimistic or clumsy.

Initially I planned to ask people to take a picture with the balloon after they has drawn a face onto it. After contemplating this I realised it would have more meaning if I asked for them to do the second idea as drawing faces on a balloon would essentially be meaningless.
It took a while to blow up 60+ balloons and attach ribbons and notes to it, but eventually we brought it outside.
It was so windy and disaster struck when the ribbons got so tangled up we couldn’t separate them. Eventually, I reluctantly let go of the balloons and watched them fly into the distance in a bunch.

I was sad at first that it didn’t work out as I had originally planned until I realised that they were all together.

‘Well at least the balloons are together;  they have company, they won’t get lonely’.

I then realised another thing..

I was being optimistic. :3




photo (5)

photo (4)

See my Babo brand book published on Issuu:


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