★Stop Motion Animation for Design for Interaction…

The focus point in this project was to gain a better understanding of what the term ‘Interaction’ means to ourselves and the methods in which we convey the message to the audience. This is because it is important that the viewer will perceive the message the way we had intended to.

This brief consists of a small 3 week project with the outcome of a presentation about interactivity along with an example made by ourselves in any format, it could be a movie, a performance, an animation, a website or anything else which can be uploaded online. This project will consist of mapping out actions and reactions and then reshaping them to have something abnormal. we will need to capture our interactions from the time we wake up until we get to university.

So for this project I will be working in a group which consist of me (Sandie), John and Edisson. Together we have decided to call ourselves J.E.S, and we will be mapping out Johns journey from waking up until catching the bus.

It was great fun putting this stop motion animation together, below you can check out the one minute animation. If you are interested in  further details visit:  http://sandiely.weebly.com/

Behind the scenes photos:

IMG_4557 IMG_4606 IMG_4573 IMG_4563 IMG_4560 IMG_4545 IMG_4512 IMG_4510


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