★The Whitecross street party: ‘Rise of the Non-Conformists’

★Reliving it…

 I had initially heard about The Whitecross street party from a friend of mine, unfortunately I couldn’t attend last year’s event which was a real shame as my friends told me it was amazing. This year however, I did not want to miss this opportunity of seeing everything with my own eyes and wanted to make the most of it!

What is The Whitecross street party?

An event which is a cross between a party/festival and an exhibition showcasing artwork from a range of different artists, creative oddities including free public art demo’s, comedy, theatre, a whole park for children and many more! With a duration of 2 days, the Whitecross street party returned for its third annual instalment on Saturday to transform the north London street scene into a living, breathing canvas. Work from over 50 artists had been commissioned to line the street over the weekend. Plus the best aspect of this event is that it is free entry! It is a rare opportunity to attend as it takes place once a year.

The weekend extravaganza marked the launch of Rise of the Nonconformists, the name given to the summer-long exhibition of street art by event co-founder and curator Teddy Baden.

I was hoping that the area would be transformed into a beautifully artistic place; it did indeed live up to my expectations. I turned the corner towards the main street; before I could see anything, I could hear the blur of laughter from both children and adults accompanied by loud, upbeat music which instantly generated a welcoming atmosphere. I had been looking foward to entering the scene and as promised, it did not disappoint.

My excitement increased when I rounded the corner and saw an enormous robot striding towards me. It was hot pink and as I had done research prior to my arrival, I knew it was the pink bot made out of approximately 33 wheelie bins! Despite anticipating this, I still stood there in awe, gazing up at this giant mechanical creature. Surely these things only existed inside comic books and sci-fi movies?

I guess this was the closest we could get in reality to robots invading the world. Though what is there not to like when a  monster made out of bins starts to move towards you? It was almost comical actually, the way it’s voice boomed though the double speakers in perfect audacity: ‘SOMEBODY STOP ME!’ & ‘I WILL DESTROY YOU’. It made me laugh so much and I imagined Spiderman swinging from his web to save us.

I had such a lovely time and for those who couldn’t attend, don’t worry. Here I have uploaded a video and many pictures I had taken from the event. It was unforgetable and such a good experience. The artwork was creative and emphasised on the colourful atmosphere. Thank you for reading, do check out the video so you can see the robot in action! :3

Video of Pink wheelie-bin robot; enlarge and watch in HD!






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