★My completed artist book

I have finished my artist book and finally submitted it a few days ago. Previously I had intended to create a ‘pop up’ book for this project but I wanted to do something more personal, therefore I had changed my idea.

I love making things out of paper whether associated with paper architecture or origami. This project was inspired by the story of Sadako and the thousand paper cranes, this is a (true) beautiful, yet sad story of a girl who had cancer. She believed that if she folded 1000 paper cranes then her wish would be granted for a cure in cancer.

Here I have made over 200+ stars. I wanted to move away from producing what people consider as a traditional type of book and wanted to create something more creative. I wrote a story on numerous coloured paper and cut them into strips, on the inside I wrote wishes for myself, my family and friends and made them into stars.

These origami stars are the ‘pages’ of my artist book. Artist books I have learnt do not necessarily have to be in the form of a book, that was the highlight of this project; we could be as creative as we desired. My fingers has hurt a lot after making these star, nonetheless it was a good experience.

I layered the stars in the colours inside a beautiful blue glass bottle I had found. I will just have to wait to see if my wishes will come true.

Only time will tell, thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “★My completed artist book

  1. Hi!
    Looks so nice! I love how you mix together the idea of messages in a bottle, origami and the Sadako’s story. Good work!
    I hope the wishes you wrote come true. ;D

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