★Sandie’s adventures in Wonderland…

For my artist book for the course Design & Communication, I wanted to base my idea around Lewis Carroll’s book ‘Alice in Wonderland’ but substituting ‘Alice’ with ‘Sandie’. My theme is to create a pop up book consisting of ‘crazy’ things or maybe a little subtle…‘Sandie’s whimsical world?’

I spent two nights analysing the Alice in Wonderland book to try and extract a scene and make a pop up page out of it. I had chosen to do the scene below, one of my favourite scenes..can you guess which part? This is a duplication of the structure in one of the pop up books, though I replaced Alice with myself…It was a nightmare trying to create the perfect structure of folds, cuts and slots…though it was difficult I was determined to complete it…

I am not sure whether I will follow the story of Alice’s adventures; simply because I would prefer the concept of revolving my book on my own bizarre world as opposed to illustrating out someone else’s idea. I guess only time will tell…

Any thoughts will be appreciated ^-^



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