☆Time passes by…

Finally our Timeline group project for ‘Art & Design in context’ draws to a conclusion! It has been a pleasant period of time as I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the members in my group.

Each individual in the group was assigned a topic, in this case I have chosen ‘Art & Design’ as my focal point because I was intrigued to find out more information regarding art movements and artists during the eras. It was interesting ‘travelling back in time’ and discovering how influential particular art movements/styles can be, and to marvel at the drastic changes that have occurred, often in lockstep with societal changes.

I can now officially retire from ‘The Time Travel Collective’…

I had fun creating my timeline for this project, you can find my finished timeline under the tab Art & Design in Context > Timeline > My finished timeline.

Alternatively, you can visit my group’s blog by clicking on the link below! Feel free to leave a comment n_n…!


-Time really does fly by…


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