I guess it’s an accomplishment since I published 8 pages today, including this one and I’m very tired but since this is one of my favourite sections I have decided to sacrifice my sleep to update it.

This post will be dedicated to Design & Communication. I have initially planned to update the ‘Design & Communication’ tab but somehow I will have to find time to convert the information from my 41 paged pdf digital sketchbook into my blog.. therefore I will do that later on…

During week one of our Photoshop workshops, each individual received a randomly distributed word or phrase. From this, our task was to produce three pieces of work involving the concept of the chosen word, also using it as the name of the piece. The first week we were to create our own magazine advertisement.

The word I had randomly picked for this project is the term ‘Zeitgeist’.  Zeitgeist derives from the German expression, which has the literal meanings of the ‘spirit of the age’. This term is constituted of two words; ‘Zeit’ essentially translates as ‘time’, and ‘Geist’ meaning ‘spirit’.

I really enjoyed working with this word and I have created many versions of the three pieces and discarded the ones which I did not like. The development stages will be added onto the Design & Communication tab later on :3.

What I found amusing was that when I compared my 1st draft of my novel cover to my final version, the previous woman looked too evil and seemed like she was glaring at me. She looks so much friendlier now after I lightened the shadows which is a relief!

Here are my three finalised  pieces:


☆Novel cover

☆Abstract painting


I think my favourite out of all the pieces is the abstract because it was fun making a little matchstick house and arranging the items for the image. It seems to portray my idea of ‘happy land’.


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