☻I’m a SHINee girl…


What I discovered recently, is that many people [the males] in my group like Manga or watching Anime. I am no different…Drawing/reading Manga has always been one of my many interests; the different expressions and emotions of the drawings never ceases to amaze me in the way charm is created.

I have always been drawing random Manga characters, I especially enjoy inventing hairstyles for the character and adding detail to the eyes and face to portray different expressions.

My Extended project in Sixth Form gave me the opportunity to put this into practice, I chose to create my own Manga comic book. It was not easy, due to all the paper work, research, design and development of characters, creating the book etc..but I guess it was worth all the sleep deprived nights as I was rewarded with a good grade.

I initially wanted to scan my Manga comic book into my blog but it is still on display in college :'(.

I have been too busy to draw anything in my spare time, but recently it was my little sister’s 13th birthday..

★She is currently obsessed with this Korean boyband called ‘SHINee’ under the popular label SM entertainment. Consequently I decided to make her a birthday card, with the boys in Manga style..simply using coloured pencils as I prefer drawing and colouring by hand as opposed to Photoshop.

There are five members, but I couldn’t fit the last one on the page because I drew the heads too big.

★Here it is..she was very happy…

[Click to view full size.]


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