Hi hi hi!!! ☆☆☆

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been busy updating my blog in the various categories so have not had time to share in this section lately…

I realised that apart from sharing my university work, I have yet to showcase my artwork or drawings I have done recently or in the past… Therefore, this post will be dedicated to this.

When I find some spare time, I like to experiment drawing or creating images using different materials such as acrylic/watercolour paint, sketching and in particular using soft pastels as they give that ‘dreamy’ appearance and is blendable.

I enjoy selecting a celebrity or people I admire and drawing him/her using the items stated above as to compare the wide range of textures each gives. In this case, I have chosen the famous Ayumi Hamasaki ♥! 浜崎 あゆみ,  a Japanese singer-songwriter, record producer, model, lyricist, and actress. She is a very popular music artist in Japan and I enjoy drawing her because she has this distinct ‘doll’ appearance.

This piece I have done a while ago when I had spare time, using soft pastels and micron fineliner to add emphasis on her eyes.


☆Ayu – Soft pastels & micron fineliner




For this piece I sketched her with soft graphite pencils and blended using cotton wool to smoothen out harsh lines.

☆Ayu – soft graphite lead pencils


Drawn using only coloured pencils

☆Ayu – Coloured pencils

That’s just a few examples of my work, I will update if I have anything interesting/random to share! ^-^


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