★New beginnings…

Welcome to my blog! My name is Sandieeee, nice to meet you…

This blog will feature both my work and also convey my perception of how I view certain things. As this is my blog, there will be my frequent musings or random artwork/pictures to express my current day-to-day life to let you get to know me better.

Beginnings of my university life…

The first day of university has been a blur. Although some aspects and events would stay vivid in my mind forever. I have met many great people who I hope will stay in my life or even to the day of graduation.

I remember going through the stages of education-from primary school to secondary school, sixth form and now university…what can I say? It’s been a very long journey like a rollercoaster, with many ups and downs.

Finally…yes, finally, I have reached university. This is the thing I have been fighting for all along; both for myself and my parents. My parents are of course, typical in the way that they think the norm is to go through education and work the way to uni and make the most of opportunities.

So now, I have kept my promise…

★★★First day…

Going through my memories, I remember the very first person I talked to was a girl with red hair [who I sat next to in lecture]. My sister and I were running late for the first lecture in the David Fussey Lecture theatre because we didn’t know where it was. Eventually when we arrived, the majority of the seats were already taken. Angel found a seat but I wasn’t so lucky and banged my shin. Finally when I sat down, we were shown this presentation of the past work by students who had graduated and their creations.

They all had one thing in common which I noticed; they all looked happy, confident, self assured. Like they had accomplished something great in their lives. I, Sandie Ly will in their position in three years time. I aspire to have completed a journey consisting of beautiful colours and make use of my opportunities.

So when I throw my hat in the air, standing on the steps where I first met my friends who I ate cupcakes with, this post will be reminiscent of how I began my life as a university student.

One day, I hope to look back at this post when I am three years older and be able to view things in a different light…

So far, [third week now?] I have met a lot of great people..I have also been stressing about work..

So that’s all musings for today..I will update with more random musings soon and hope to get started on blogging about gallery visits etc..



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