★Mark Ingham: Introduction

☆Lecture 1!

  • Date: 11/01/12
  • Lecturer: Mark Ingham
  • Topic: Introduction to ‘GAMSWEN’

The very first lecture in this course for term two was taken by Mark Ingham. The topic was an ‘introduction to GAMSWEN’ where we were given an outline of the course. The idea is that the course will be comprised of 12 weeks; each week there would be a lecture given by a special guest who will talk to us about their background, styles, impacts, experiences and how this has influenced the artwork they have produced, both contemporary and in the past.

From each lecture we were to document the details including what we learnt and found interesting using any preferable method. Examples may be in a blog, magazine, video, website etc. I was excited to hear that there would be a different guest for each week, in particular on the list was Neil Spiller and he would be talking about ‘Surrealism’. This movement is one of many which I am predominantly interested in, due to having done a project featuring the work of Salvador Dali. I am extremely fascinated by his style of artwork as the majority was heavily influenced by his experiences in the past. Therefore I am looking foward to meeting Neil Spiller and hope to see more bizarre work to expand my knowledge of this movement!

We were then showed the GAMSWEN twitter page where a few individuals tweeted, we were to follow the page for updates of this course and just a way of communicating. What I found relatively interesting was the short 1 minute 55 clip we were shown called ‘A magazine is born’ where it shows the making of The Black Swan issue of the magazine ‘Little White Lies’. The clip shows the  individual processes of the magazine in production, from the workers entering the office to the printing stage. Of course I already knew that making a magazine requires a lot of thought, work, not to mention time & a large number of people. Seeing this clip of the actual stages a magazine has to go through such as the photography, editing, sketching, articles…made me realise how much effort each individual puts into this to produce the end result, as the clip shows where the Black Swan issue is placed on the shelf as a finished product to be sold.

The name ‘GAMSWEN’ is literally ‘NEWSMAG’ spelt backwards. I have wondered what it actually stands for or why Mark has named the website this, initially before we were told, I did actually think it was a word spelt backwards but as the ‘news’ was together with ‘mag’ I couldn’t make sense out of it. I agree that it is a quirky way of ensuring that the blog will be found easily when searched as there would be no other blog/website named that! I am looking foward to the future lectures, as this would surely provide inspiration for my work in this course.


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