☆Mark Ingham: Manifestos

☆Lecture 8!

  • Date: 29/02/12
  • Lecturer: Mark Ingham
  • Topic: Manifestos

For this week we discussed what a manifesto is, a manifesto can be defined a public declaration of principles and intentions according to Wikipedia. Zach Sumner defined it as a declaration of one’s beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions. A document that an organisation or person writes that declares what is important to them, the idea of a manifesto can also challenge assumptions or provoke change. In my opinion I think a good manifesto should be short and precise, in other words to the point containing a clear message/motive. Therefore I hope I would be able to write my own manifesto which would have these qualities within.

It is not to say that I believe all manifestos should be short and to the point as a great example of a powerful speech delivered by no one other than Martin Luther King, ‘I have a dream’, one which is so well known and remembered to today. His manifesto provoked change and the message was clearly transmitted to his audience which is why it would not fade in time.

We were shown a video of Nancy Duarte at the TEDx East event giving a presentation on ‘great talks’. Comparing the methods and speech structures of both Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs; how they are able to interact with audience successfully whilst delivering their speeches. It was interesting to see how in depth Nancy went into regarding the way Martin Luther King spoke all the way through to keep his audience engaged. This reminded me of my attention being fixated on Rachel Armstrong  while she was giving the lecure due to her body language and the amount of expression she put into each word. Just like Martin Luther King who radiated authority.

Nancy discovered a pattern in both Martin Luther King and Steve Job’s speeches which started off with ‘what is’ and then ‘what could be’. Nancy believes that to make a good speech all that is required is to have a good idea and follow the pattern such Steve Jobs who would occasionally pause or repeat himself.

Mark showed us a video he created called “120 Days and Nights of Staggering and Stammering” which consisted of a series of images illustrating Mark’s life and his memories. It was a surprise to discover his relationship with Marilyn Monroe when I looked at the lyrics of the narration properly. The voice was mechanical like a robot singing words which I couldn’t quite make out, it was a privilege that Mark shared his video with us.

I was captivated by the images of the 120 projectors reflecting images onto the walls of the dark room. It is an extremely clever way of displaying images to promote the concept of ‘memories’. The circles were all different sizes which emphasised on that aspect, as though it is a deliberate gesture that some are larger than others. Maybe to show that some memories are more important I am not so sure. Looking at the images in the dark room generates atmosphere as though one could almost touch and relive those memories. The scenery created was beautiful and dreamlike. That is the reason why I treasure photographs, the moment is forever captured within that one shot and we can look back at them from time to time to recall memories. It was the perfect end to the lecture and I loved how personal it was.

I was not so sure at the beginning what I would put in my manifesto, writing it then crossing it out. This was because I did not want to write anything I considered to be too ‘cheesy’ or overused because it is my manifesto, it should be based solely on my ideas/beliefs therefore I would not include something such as ‘You only live once’. I have not yet finalised my manifesto, hopefully by the end of Gamswen I would have come up with something interesting.


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