★Mark Ingham: What Have You Learnt So Far?

☆Lecture 7!

  • Date: 08/02/12
  • Lecturer: Mark Ingham
  • Topic: What Have You Learnt So Far?

Week 7 was a very useful session with Mark where we as individuals are able to reflect on what we have learnt within these past lectures. For some reason I was reminded of something; a flow diagram would be a precise definition. In a flow diagram there would be a start box, following on would present a series of questions and occasionally a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ query would come up. Depending on the person’s answer would lead them back to the start or forward. This what how I viewed this lecture and it was useful in the way it made me think in depth regarding the methods I use while I learn or process new things. I remember going back in my distant memories while studying for exams, due to one’s personal preference, we all learn using different methods. Some may like to highlight important key words in their textbooks or recite a phrase repetitively in order for it to stick in their mind. My learning strategies vary in accordance to different subjects, I love to read but if a textbook consisted entirely of text and no images I would tend to drift off. In other words, diagrams and short precise descriptions I consider real mind openers, that way I would be kept entertained.

I had fun filling in the VARK questionnaire present on the GAMSWEN blog, it determines what category you are in as a learner. It was interesting to see my result as a multimodal learner where I learn visually, aurally and kinaesthetically. The questions were interesting as for the majority I would find myself checking more than one box; I also regard demonstrations as a good way of learning and practicing yourself to gain a sense of experience, that way you would be able to recall the memory sometime or another.

I also think self initiating is a good way of learning, or of how I like to learn. There would always be a start to something and I realised that I am a person who tends to explore certain elements which raises my interest. Seeing what others do motivates me to try harder and despite if there is a chance of not being to comprehend I would be proud knowing that I have tried my best at it.

These series of lectures, every single one of them so far I am grateful to the lecturers Mark had invited. Seeing through their perception of their work, style and methods I could clearly see the passion each of them possess. I remember attending a lecture given by Graphic design Chris Smyth who graduated from this university and is currently a freelancer. His words were inspiring not only because we students are travelling towards a similar path ourselves but to me it was predominantly because he went through similar things to become the person he is today. Therefore he could somewhat relate to us as young and aspiring graphic designers on the look out for opportunities.

Yet, it is not say that just because we may not be so familiar with the lecturer’s topic that we cannot comprehend. It is the opposite in my opinion, that I find each week’s topic fascinating and the more unfamiliar it is, the better due to the opportunity to do more research. The idea of Gamswen, producing a magazine, blog, video for this project is a great idea to portray our ways of documenting the series of lectures. This will ensure that Mark knows what we think of it, also the extracted elements which interests each individual. I suppose this is almost like a diary, although not entirely about yourself but from our point of view and opinions.


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