☆☆☆A timeline of Salvador Dali

☆A timeline of Salvador Dali 1904-1989

Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domènech is born in Figueres, Spain on May 11.
He attends the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid.
First one-man exhibition in Barcelona.
First Dali painting shown in the US at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburg, PA.
Dali is called to the Castle of San Fernando for 9 months of military service
Dali meets future wife Gala Éluard. He joins the Surrealist movement.
Gala and Dali marry in a civil ceremony on January 30.
Dali gives a lecture in a diving suit at the International Surrealist Exhibition in London. Appears on cover of Time Magazine.
Dali visits Sigmund Freud in London.
Dali creates the pavilion the Dream of Venus for the 1936 World’s Fair – an installation of art and performance that will profoundly influence the course of art in the world.
Following the German occupation of Paris, the Dali’s flee to America to live for the next eight years, working with figures like Hitchcock and Disney. They divide their time between New York and California.
Dali’s first major retrospective is held at the Museum of Modern Art, in New York.
Dali’s autobiography The Secret Life of Salvador Dali is published.
Dali and Gala meet Eleanor and Reynolds Morse who purchase their first Dali painting, Daddy Longlegs of the Evening, Hope! They Morse’s become lasting friends and most devoted collectors.
Dali publishes his novel Rostras Oscuras (Hidden Faces)
Dali and Gala return to Spain for the first time after 8 years in the US, Dali returns to NY each winter
Dali goes on a lecture tour in America on “nuclear mysticism”—his new theory of art which combines religion, math, science and Catalan culture in an attempt to revive classical values and techniques; he becomes an American celebrity anew.
Dali and Gala marry in a religious ceremony in Girona, Spain on August 8.
Huntington Hartford’s Gallery of Modern Art, New York, holds a major Dali retrospective exhibition featuring the entire Morse collection.
Dali’s museum, the Teatre-Museu Dali, in Figueres, Spain, opens on September 28.
Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida opens on March 7. Gala dies in her castle in Pubol, Spain, on June 10. King Juan Carlos of Spain confers the title of Marquis of Pubol on Dali. Dali succeeds in changing it to the Marquis of Dali and Pubol.
Dali dies of heart failure on January 23 in Figueres. He is buried under the geodesic dome in the Teatre-Museu Dali.

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