☆Sandie’s Map Two…!

☆☆☆The Map & the Territory, map 2


As previously stated in my other post ‘Sandie’s Map 1’, the theme of this map will be similar but instead of focusing on portraying my identity, experiences and progression of being a designer, this map will revolve around my identity of being a twin.

To illustrate that my sister and I are essentially ‘mirror image twins’, [for example, I always like things on my left and she likes things on the right] I have duplicated the silhouette and placed both back-to-back.



To add emphasis on symbolising the concept, I have consequently placed my silhouette black against a white background and hers is the opposite, with a white silhouette against a black background. This idealistically, will ensure that there would be a contrast of those two figures as they are juxtaposed. Also, as her name is ‘Angel’, many people would automatically assume that she depicts her name by being ‘pure’ and ‘innocent’. Therefore the colour white would suit her better than me; which I suppose in a sense is quite true as sometimes I am the more mischievous one.



As this map incorporates juxtaposition, my intention was to display this through the idea of illustrating what goes on ‘inside’ our minds in order to be compared and help establish our own identities.  I represented the image of the mind a little abstract by creating it as mind wheels. Instead of creating a literal shape of the brain, I displayed it in a more creative way.

The idea is that the bigger the wheel, the aspect which makes up us is regarded as more important, examples include the yellow wheel which represents ‘eating cookies’. We both like this, but I like eating cookies more than her so the wheel is resultantly larger in size.

The concept of this map is to show that although we like the same things, we both regard many things in different manners which makes us different; depicting our identites.

I deliberately juxtaposed the brain wheels, with the same ideas in each head but showing that she thinks some things are more important to her than I do, or the opposite. Therefore people can compare how we think and get to know us better.

To make this simple, I have created a key, so each colour can be noted for a certain element.


☆☆☆Brief Reflection…

I am very satisfied with the result of both of my maps I have created for this project. Why? Because I think it helps both myself and others to envision my perception of how I intend to progress during my time of study. I have not always been so sure of my pathway, due to possessing many dreams-so this project helped to narrow down and reinforce who I am and what I want to achieve. I think that at first glance of my map, people would not know the message behind it, especially regarding my first map. This is primarily because I have not included much text in my map, which was my intent. My map possesses a deeper meaning and with longer observation, the connotation of eg. map 1 being constituted of puzzle pieces meaning that I want people to think something is being put together etc.

It has been a valuable experience to refocus on my aspirations and familiarise with the practice of my classmates who had many very interesting ideas for their maps.


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