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Logorama is a French animated film lasting a duration of 16 minutes, written and directed by  H5/François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy and Ludovic Houplain, and produced by Autour de Minuit. Awards: Prix Kodak 2009, Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

The concept of this animation is entirely depicted by the use of prominent iconic logos we see everyday. A series of events occur in LA and is illustrated through the use of many [approximately 2,500] contemporary and historical logos; most importantly, starring the company’s mascots. By doing this, at the same time it helps to endorse the label and also use them to represent as a symbol in the film. In my opinion, we as consumers drink in our surroundings everyday, we live in a world of consumerism, it is inevitable to pass a day without not seeing a company’s logo. Whether it is present and advertised in billboards or TV, these logos are constantly thrown at us that whenever we see them, we recognise and are familiarised by the image/texts which are used to symbolise a certain party.

Logorama cleverly reinforces these imagery by creating an amusing and quirky animation to please audiences by featuring the different mascots together which is reminiscent of eg. a disney film starring all popular disney characters. This is rare of companies, so by gathering them, it successfully garners more attention and consequently heightens the hype.

The establishing scene reveals a shot of LA, where the city, buildings and inhabitants are constituted of some form of commercial branding eg. Microsoft’s butterfly etc. The story follows as we see the Michelin Men having lunch when they spot Ronald McDonald who plays the villain. The whole plot revolves around the police in pursuit of McDonald and along the way more mascots appear including Haribo and Big Boy who have bad attitudes and cause trouble, Green Giant, Esso Girl, Pringle men and many more.

The pursuit quickly veers out of control, as innocent bystanders are imperiled, Big Boy causes a scene where he suggests to Haribo that they both steal a gun and is held hostage by McDonald. In the restaurant we are introduced to Original Pringles mascot and Pringles Hot & Spicy mascot as their lunch is spoiled with McDonald entering. As the story reaches the climax, there is a lot of action, shooting and violence, including swearing by the police officers. The scene which I most enjoyed was when McDonald shot one of the Michelin Men; not because I enjoy violence but predominantly because that particular scene is reminiscent of the opening scene of James Bond in ‘Casino Royale’.

This scene was deliberately duplicated in Logorama, it was immediately recognisable which emitted amusement yet sympathy [because of his death]. As Bond is a hero, he would be shooting at a villain, the opening scene may be a metaphor for this, though McDonald’s role is reversed which is a perhaps a little ironic.

A violent gun battle errupts as Esso Girl and Big Boy try to escape in a car, Ronald also appears and falls into one of the crevasses (shaped like a Zenith logo). Many logos emerge through the action including a series of  VAIO logos as the car veers off the highway.

The ending of the film where the city is demolished by a fatal earthquake as the city logos fall to pieces may perhaps be a metaphor to depict how the encoder of the text wants us as decoders to view their message. My perception is that the whole point of Logorama is to highlight the manipulation and corrupt issues of branding culture. As present in today’s society is how marketing has reached a level where companies are all fighting for our attention, trying to come up with the best or newest ideas to promote in order to reach their targeted audience.

Though what is new and original? All and every idea has been used before so the war of all these companies to raise their voices at the same time will presumably, end up like the situation in Logorama. Where things fall apart due to all the pressure. The moral I think, is though stating that consumerism has already taken a big part of our lives and whatever we do, we cannot avoid it.

In conclusion, watching Logorama has enhanced my knowledge and theories of branding and consumerism, after viewing this clip I have thought about a lot of things which I have discussed my views here in my blog as a review. The film is simple yet so effective, transmitting a powerful message across to the audience.


One thought on “☆Review on: Logorama…

  1. A very thorough and in-depth review here Sandie! I really like it, especially your thoughts on consumerism and our daily submersion in corporate branding. You opinion on the purpose of Logorama is interesting too, manipulation and corruption are certainly themes you could pick up on after reading your review and viewing the film again! 😀

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