★Week One…!

During the first lesson of ‘Art & Design in Context’, we were set a task which involved group work. The concept was to do a recreation of the Greenwich map of Maritime campus. The intention of this task was not only to reinforce the activity of group work but also to put our imagination into focus. We were to move away from producing a typical ordinary map which would consist of the existing buildings and areas in the campus. The point of the task was for us to imagine that we were unfamiliar with the area, with emphasis on finding where the location of the library was.

Our group was cooperative and discussed ideas and how we would visualise our map to be like. Firstly, we were required to have a concept. A member in our group came up with the approach of basing our map on the theme of ‘Pirates of the Carribean’. This was the point where we established our ideas, finally gathering it all together.

We used the map of Greenwich as a template, by marking down the landscapes in that area which we considered as most predominant. Examples include: Cutty Sark, Grand square valley, King William Cemetery and of course the main focus; the library, where on the map was symbolised as a prominent  and unmistakenable ‘X’. As traditional pirate maps would consist of treasure, this gave us the idea of representing the library in this manner, we added emphasis by drawing a treasure chest full of books.

We changed the names of the areas in order to match our pirate theme, an example would be  the River Thames as ‘River Thames O’ Death’. Drawing skulls and castles all over the map ensured it exhibited a conventional ‘pirate’ concept.

To finish our map off, we set the edges and centre alight and drowned it in coffee to produce a map which gave the impression that it had been buried or abandoned many years ago.

Our map followed the two points, we had ensured that the map could be read easily by anyone [to find the library or the location of the treasure] and we also used our imagination to produce a creative map which we eventually presented to the class with a majority of positive responses.

From my perspective, I found this task a great way to communicate with my classmates as we were all not so familiar with one another during that time. This task made us get together and share ideas; overall, I found it both amusing [due to a member of the group, Joe, accidently tearing our map in half, which I supposed added to the ‘old map’ effect] and fun..Hopefully we would do something like this again… ^-^

Image of our creation [credit to Dan]

[Click to enlarge]



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