★Time Travel Brief

★★★Time Travel Brief

You will be working in groups on the Time Travel project. Each group will be assigned two defined 20th / 21stCentury periods of time to research.

For the Time Travel brief each group has to:

  • Research and produce a ‘Time Line’ or ‘Conceptual Map’ of your decade which conveys important art and design matters, people, studios, organisations, projects, artefacts, products and exhibitions.
  • You will also have to show the surrounding social historical and political contexts they were involved in: wars, politics and anything of significance that happen during that period. This will be presented to the whole group at the end on term.
  • Create a group website (WordPress blog) to which all members of the group contribute

Each student will be responsible for an element of the project. For instance one student might research the artists of the period and another might find out about who else was famous during the decade. One of you might look at historical events while another might look at the significant developments in design during your given period.

You will be assessed on how you work in a group but you will also have to produce individual work for your website (blog). You will all present in your group website the final group work and the elements you personally researched.

The sessions are based around seminar, workshop and gallery visits, and will:

  • Introduce you to histories of art and design processes
  • Introduce you to key social and professional concerns affecting fields of art and design
  • Introduce you to methods of analysis and evaluation via individual tasks as well as group work (to be carried out through independent studies, and in group tasks during the sessions)
  • Introduce you to psychological contexts of art & design, and the medium of communication

At the end of this project, you will have:

  • A good understanding of related strands of art and design history, practices and processes
  • Insights into social, political and global issues affecting areas of art and design
  • Knowledge of a specialised area of art and design
  • Developed initial skills in design literacy, critical analysis and comment

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